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22 Jun 2021 - Congratulations on your first time pass Charlie Ajaib!

Many congratulations go to Charlie Ajaib who passed his practical driving test at his first attempt at York Driving Test Centre. It’s been a bit of a long time coming, but things are finally looking up. Well done! Wishing you many years of safe and happy driving. Charlie took his test in his family car, so no photo!

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12 August 2020 - Wheldrive Driver Training is temporarily closed during the Covid 19 pandemic

For health reasons I have been advised not to instruct during the current Covid 19 pandemic. I hope to get back to teaching when the world is a safer place. For now, take care and stay safe everyone.

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5 August 2020 - Congratulations Gaby Wheller on a fantastic first time pass!

Huge congratulations go to Gaby Wheller who passed her practical driving test this afternoon at York Driving Test Centre at her first attempt. Gaby had her test postponed by the Covid 19 lock-down. We have not been able to do any lessons together for 21 weeks, but has been doing driving practise with a friend to keep her skill levels up. Well done Gaby, drive safely, and enjoy your new car!

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22 March 2020 - Coronavirus Pandemic

Following advice from the UK Government, I have suspended all driving tuition. It is not possible to maintain the recommended 2 metres social distancing in the car, so for your safety and the safety of others, my business is temporarily closed. I can still take advance enquires about lessons, and will maintain a wait-list for those wishing to take lessons once the ‘all clear’ sounds. In the mean time, stay safe and stay well!

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13 March 2020 - Congratulations on a fantastic first time pass Natalie Hough!

Friday 13th is unlucky for some, but not for Natalie Hough. She passed her practical driving test this afternoon at York Driving Test Centre at her first attempt with only 3 minor faults recorded on her test sheet. Very well done Natalie, you worked hard for this and it paid off. Drive safely!

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