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Wheldrive will provide you with good quality driving tuition at a competitive price with discounts for block bookings of 10, 15 or 20 lessons.

We will never have more than one pupil in the car at a time, that your driving lessons are tailored to suit you and your learning ability. We will set you achievable goals and provide you with an excellent standard of tuition, guidance, support and constructive feedback so that you will be able to effectively measure your own progress.

We can pick you up from any convenient location, such as your home, work or college in the local area, at a time to suit you.

How many hours of professional instruction will I need before I’m ready to take the UK driving test and pass?

This is a frequent question when booking driving lessons but it is really not possible for an instructor to answer this question accurately. The number of driving lessons you will need to reach test standard varies widely as each individual is different when it comes to learning to drive. Here are a few things that you should bear in mind when thinking about booking lessons:

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) which conducts the UK driving test recommends an average of 45 hours professional tuition, together with about 22 hours of private practice with a suitably qualified relative or friend.

Previous road experience is valuable. A learner who rides a motor bike, moped or scooter will have more road knowledge than someone the same age having no previous experience on the road, and is more likely to be ready for the driving test earlier and require fewer driving lessons before test.

You will learn faster if you have a positive mental attitude to driving, good motivation and be willing to listen and learn. You will benefit most by taking an active part in your lessons, and building a good rapport with your instructor. Take regular lessons. Many people have a few driving lessons, then take several months break and expect to continue from where they left off. Doing this is a waste of your time and money. Learning to drive is about building and maintaining your skill level through continued practise, so I would advise you to save up or budget for your lessons so that you don’t need to re-learn skills that may be lost though long breaks between lessons.

Use the time in between your driving lessons productively. If you haven’t passed your theory test, study your books, learning aids and the Highway Code. If you have passed the theory test, make sure you still read the Highway Code so that you retain your knowledge. Lack of knowledge will reflect in the standard of your driving.

There is a myth that learner drivers will only need about 20 hours’ tuition at most before they pass the test. This is often a view perpetuated by adults who learned many years ago when the test standard and the road conditions were significantly different.

The average number of lessons needed to reach test standard has increased because:
• The driving test required standard is now much higher and it is more difficult to pass
• There is often a lack of opportunity for private practice due to the reluctance parents to add learner drivers to their insurance policy because of higher insurance costs.
• Pupils often believe they can drive well once they have learnt the basic skills, not recognising that significant time is required to build experience and the right attitude to achieve a safe standard of driving in all road conditions. Yes, there are courses promising to get you through the Test in a week, but this will not make you a good driver, there is so much more to learn. Also, be wary of adverts saying ‘guaranteed pass’ as no-one can guarantee that you will pass.

Many driving schools offer discounts and incentives to tempt you to book with them.  There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, but read the terms and conditions which may apply.  Some deals are not what they seem.  If the standard lesson price is advertised with significantly lower prices than the average for your area, you may find yourself with sub-standard tuition, sharing your lesson time with other pupils or spending a lot of time talking at the roadside and not really making the progress you would like.
Between 35 and 50 hours with a good instructor is normal, and only the best of the best may achieve a test pass in under 25hrs.

Don’t be in a hurry to pass your driving test because being safe on the road is the most important thing. There is a lot to learn and absorb effectively and this takes time. As well as the practical control skills, you must have a good understanding of road signs, markings, and conditions, excellent awareness and planning skills plus good defensive driving ability. Be prepared to have as many hours as you and your instructor think you need, because your life and that of others depends on how good a driver you are.

Find a good instructor and trust their judgement when it comes to the time for booking your practical test. Don’t keep asking how soon you will be ready, or trying to go to test too early. All that will happen is that you will waste your time and money and be disappointed and disillusioned when you fail. Remember, the cost of the test currently charged by the DVSA is £62, plus you will need a 2 hour booking if you are using your instructor’s car, so it will cost you over £100 to take a driving test.

If you show that you are a capable and safe driver, you will pass, but if you fail your test, don’t blame the examiner. Think of it this way – by not giving you a pass certificate, they may just have saved your life! The examiner is highly skilled and is there to assess your competence to drive.

Remember, passing the practical driving test is just the beginning of your driving career, and there is still much to learn and experience. You will see many drivers on the road with a poor standard of driving, and sadly, many young people in the 17 to 25 age group fall into this category. Don’t be one of them. Maintain your driving standards as they were taught to you. We teach this way for a reason, to keep you safe for life, not just for the 40 minutes of your driving test. Seriously consider taking extra tuition after you have passed to improve your skills and give you a better chance of survival if the worst happens and you are involved in an accident. There are many courses available and your instructor will help and advise you.

To talk to me about driving and to book quality lessons with Wheldrive Driver Training, call 07730033815, or send me a text to request a call back.

Driving Lessons - Block Bookings

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Single Driving lessons - Pay As You Go

Book standard 90 minute lessons for £45 per lesson and pay as you go.

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Driving Lessons - Refresher Training

This can be very useful for people of all ages for a variety of reasons such as:

• To regain driving confidence after an accident
• A mandatory requirement following a driving offence
• To improve driving performance by bringing skills and knowledge up to date in preparation for supervising a son/daughter/partner who is learning to drive
• Changed from driving an automatic to manual vehicle

Charged at £45 per 90 minute lesson.

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To start driving, you must hold a current valid driving licence for Group B (cars), this can be provisional, full or international. Your instructor will need to check your driving licence at the start of your course of lessons, so please bring it with you. If you have passed your theory test (learner drivers only), please bring your certificate with you also.

If you have any medical condition which may affect your ability to drive, please inform your instructor before you start your course of lessons.

All lesson fees must be paid for in advance or at the start of your lesson or block of lessons. Refunds for pre-paid lessons may only be made in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of your instructor.

The tuition car can be used for your driving test providing you have completed at least 10 lessons with Wheldrive Driver Training and your instructor is satisfied that you have reached the appropriate standard. Your instructor reserves the right to refuse you the use of the tuition car for driving tests, this includes tests booked without the knowledge or approval of your instructor.

It is your personal responsibility to ensure that you are fit to drive. You will not be allowed to drive if you are, or appear to be under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs or prescription medication, or if you are unwell.
NB: Some prescription medication can seriously affect or reduce your ability to concentrate. Always check the label, and consult your doctor if necessary.


You must give your instructor at least 48 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel your lesson to allow the time to be offered to another client. Failure to do this will result in a minimum cancellation charge of £25 or up to the full price of your lesson.

Your instructor reserves the right to cancel a lesson at any time due to poor weather, illness, traffic conditions, car maintenance or similar and/or any other unforeseen circumstance. Where possible, an alternative date/time will be offered.

Wheldrive Driver Training accepts no responsibility for any driving test appointment which is cancelled or postponed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) for whatever reason.

Wheldrive Driver Training accepts no liability for any personal property left in the tuition car.

Your mobile phone must be switched off, or to silent mode throughout your driving lessons.